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Valentine’s day gift guide for women 2022 Nowadays, Valentine’s day is often described as a commercial holiday, but let’s just remember that if it comes from the heart it is actually a very special date. February 14th is claimed to be the most romantic day (or evening) of the year when everyone is filled with […]

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best pearl jewelry gift ideas for women – from Pearl necklaces to earrings

The best pearl jewelry gift ideas for women – from pearl necklaces to pearl earrings Today is the day we decided to take a closer look at pearls and make a nice overlook why pearl jewelry gifts for women is one of the best choices. There is much more to know than you can imagine. […]

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Minimal GG Unique Jewelry line

Minimal jewelry line by GG UNIQUE Let us present you with a collection where everyone will find their favorites! These simple, easy to style, and with extremely small amount of details minimalistic jewelry is great companions for every day. Combined with other GG Unique products, they will help to express your own style. Also, will […]

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Geriausios papuošalų DOVANŲ IDĖJOS 2020 kalėdoms

Nenumaldomai artėjant šventiniam laikotarpiui pradedame sukti galvas ką padovanoti savo mylimajai, mamai, sesei ar brangiai moteriai. GG Unique papuošalų kūrėjų komanda sudarė Kalėdinių dovanų sąrašą, kuris nepaliks nei vienos moters abejingos. Nuo minimalistinių papuošalų iki perlų vėrinių mėgėjų, kiekviena moteris liks sužavėta širdžiai miela dovana. Papuošalai su perlais – nesenstanti klasika. Dovanojant papuošalą su perlais […]

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Pearl jewelry – necklaces, earrings and bracelets

For your convenience links are below: Earrings: https://ggunique.com/product-category/earrings/ Necklaces: https://ggunique.com/product-category/necklaces/ Bracelets: https://ggunique.com/product-category/bracelets/ A bit more information about pearls that we use. Pearl jewelry and accessories are very trendy now. What is more, they basically never get out of style. You can wear pearls now and you can wear them in 10 or 50 years, pearls […]

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