Minimal GG Unique Jewelry line

Minimal jewelry line by GG UNIQUE

Let us present you with a collection where everyone will find their favorites! These simple, easy to style, and with extremely small amount of details minimalistic jewelry is great companions for every day. Combined with other GG Unique products, they will help to express your own style. Also, will be a unique accent that is suitable for various occasions.

We can be proud that this minimalistic jewelry line is one of the oldest and most loved by You! Our team has a lot of experience in making minimal jewelry. During all this time we have tried a bunch of materials, different design solutions, and colors. Therefore we have selected what is the best and most durable. Almost all jewelry of minimalistic line is made of precious metals. The metals that we use are such as gold, rose gold, silver, and rhodium-plated stainless steel. The combination of these metals makes products durable and, if properly maintained, they will last a particularly long time.

Minimal jewelry is perfect as a gift

Minimalistic line products can very relieve the headache of looking for gifts. Unique jewelry fascinates everyone with its simplicity. It will suit both those who like to stand out and those who like a minimal amount of accessories in their everyday outfit. Our extremely popular ear cuff earrings can be a great gift for a girl who goes hand in hand with fashion. Who wants to bring minimalism to her style, and a several colors karma necklace can become an everyday charm of success.

Double wired gold plated ear cuff- GG UNIQUE

Over the years, we have expanded our minimalistic collection to the one where You can find a variety of jewelry:

• Minimalistic earrings

• Minimalistic necklaces

• Minimalistic bracelets

• Minimalistic rings

• Minimalistic anklets

Minimalistic earrings

Minimalist earrings are a great choice for those who can wear the same earrings all week long. Products of this style go well with any outfit, are suitable for various occasions, and will never go out of style. Depending on the model you choose, every one of them has several color choices. You can choose between gold, rose gold and silver.

Style tip: Combining different metals and different colors are becoming more and more popular. Therefore if You choose this kind of jewelry combination – You will look extremely stylish!

Minimalistic rings

Another great choice for every day is minimalistic rings. Our products go super well with other GG Unique or Your owned rings and make your hands indescribably beautiful and elegant. Depending on desired size choice, the rings can be worn in different places of the fingers. What is more, GG UNIQUE minimal rings can also be worn several at the same time. It all depends on your imagination!

The GG Unique minimalistic line is like our brand’s business card. Among the different designs of jewelry, everyone will find the right ones for themselves. Create a unique composition of this collection’s jewelry and share it on social media using #myuniquestyle and tag @ggunique_ to be featured in our feed!

With love,

GG Unique

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