best pearl jewelry gift ideas for women – from Pearl necklaces to earrings

The best pearl jewelry gift ideas for women – from pearl necklaces to pearl earrings

Today is the day we decided to take a closer look at pearls and make a nice overlook why pearl jewelry gifts for women is one of the best choices. There is much more to know than you can imagine. From different types of pearls to the importance of wearing them and why they are one of the best gift ideas for women ever! So let’s start and dive right into the boundless ocean of pearls.


To start with, there are 5 main types of pearls:

  • Akoya Pearl;
  • Freshwater Pearl;
  • Tahitian Pearl;
  • South Sea Pearl;
  • Baroque Pearl.

Over the years, natural pearls have become very rare and super expensive due to their incredibly rapid harvesting rate. Because of that, the majority of pearls nowadays are cultured – naturally formed, but with a help of a human hand.

How does it work? First, a small piece of the shell along with mantle tissue from similar mollusks is placed in an oyster. Then they are released into a reservoir (marine or freshwater) in individual mesh pockets and left to quietly grow the pearl for several years. Pearl technicians periodically bring the oysters onto land for cleaning and a health assessment.

“A women needs ropes and ropes of pearls”

– Coco Chanel


The Akoya pearl is a saltwater cultured pearl from the Akoya oyster found in the colder coastal waters of Japan, Vietnam, and Southern China. With their perfectly round shapes, neutral colors, and bright, mirror-like luster, Akoya pearls are considered to be the classic pearl type. The main color of these pearls varies from white to grey with pink, green, or silver overtones. Sometimes they come in blue color with silver and pink overtones, but these colors are very rare.


This type of cultured pearl is the most affordable and common kind of pearl on the market and they are one of the most popular pearl types among jewelry designers. Freshwater pearl comes in a remarkable range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Typically, they come in pastel shades of peach, lavender, pink, white and are often dyed black. Due to the black color and violet shimmer, Freshwater pearls are known as “Peacock pearls”. Usually, they are cultured in freshwater lakes and ponds (mostly in China) with more than one pearl inside the oyster. This type of pearl diameter can vary from 2 mm to 12 mm, sometimes reaching up to 15 mm.


These kinds of pearls are known for being the only naturally occurring “black pearls”. These saltwater cultured pearls have a wide range of colors and come in gray, black, or brown colors with blue, green, purple, or pink overtones. Tahitian pearls are harvested from black-lipped oysters in the coastal waters around the islands of French Polynesia. These pearls tend to be larger in size, ranging from 8 mm to 15 mm. Tahitian pearls that exceed 15 mm are quite uncommon and fetch outrageous prices.


This kind of pearl is known as the largest and most expensive variety of pearls. South Sea cultured pearls come in silky white, sleek silver, pastel pink, or rich gold colors, depending on the type of oyster. They are grown in the famous “coral triangle” – a section of treacherous water that lies between Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. This water is full of dangerous sharks and real-life pirates. South Sea cultured pearls range in size from 8 to 20 mm. Pearls larger than 15 mm cost tens of thousands of US dollars.


These pearls are known for their unique shape. Baroque pearls fetch higher prices based on color and sheen, meanwhile classic pearls’ cost depends on their size – the bigger, the better. This kind of pearls is classified by their shapes as twin, coin, rise, egg, heart, and Keshi pearls. Each classification has its own special features: Twin pearls are two that have fused to form one, coin – flat, round, smooth and have a reflective surface, rise – small, rounded pearls that do not have the strict spherical dimensions of classic pearls, egg – resembling the shape of an eggshell, heart – flat and reflective pearls that have formed into the shape of a heart, Keshi – elongated pieces of nacre that bear a remarkable luster.


It is very important to understand that every pearl is unique and you won’t find two same pearls. To evaluate a pearl you have to pay attention to its size, shape, color, sheen, surface, and thickness of nacre. The pearl’s size is measured in millimeters, weight – in carats. Pearls larger than 8.5 mm cost significantly more.

It is very important to pay attention to pearls sheen. It has to be very intensive and deep. The brightness of the luster is visible when the light reflects in it itself. Be sure to look at pearl from every angle!

If the pearl’s surface is matte – it says that the pearl is cheap and not valuable as much as the shiny ones. This can happen because of environmental effects such as temperature or sun.

The thickness of the nacre says a lot about the pearl’s longevity. A real high-quality pearl is always cold and heavy.


Nowadays, pearls are worn not only on special occasions but also every day. Because of that, you can be sure that this kind of jewelry will be a useful and unique gift. So now, after we shortly discussed various kinds of pearls, it’s time to look at our beautiful pearl jewelry collection and find some great gift ideas for upcoming holidays.

We have all kinds of jewelry:


First of all, let’s start with necklaces as a pearl jewelry gift for women. We have more man 20 different designs of pearl necklaces in our online store. Seems a lot to choose from? Let me help you.

  • Pearl and mixed hematite stones necklace - GG Unique
  • Pearl and green color cat-eye effect stone necklace | GG UNIQUE
  • Pearl and green color malachite stone necklace - GG UNIQUE
  • Colorful pearl and howlite stone necklace - GG UNIQUE

Choose from our half pearl – half stone necklace design. We use freshwater pearls and hematite, malachite, howlite, cat-eye effect, or other stones. Choose one or two that you like. They look very unique, compliments any outfit, and are a great gift idea for women.

  • Pearl necklace with zircon pendant - GG Unique
  • Delicate small pearl and star necklace | GG UNIQUE
  • Delicate small pearl and seashell necklace - GG UNIQUE
  • Small pearl necklace with a letter - GG UNIQUE
  • Freshwater pearl necklace with irregular shape pendants - GG UNIQUE
  • Dark freshwater pearl necklace with pearl pendant - GG UNIQUE
  • Freshwater pearl necklace with pearl pendants - GG UNIQUE
  • Freshwater pearl necklace with Keshi pearl pendants - GG UNIQUE

If you want something more classy and less colorful, there are our simple and minimalistic pearl necklaces with pendants. Therefore, choose from different pearl sizes and types (freshwater, Keshi pearls, or pearl mass), pendants (zirconium, stainless steel, shell, or various kinds of pearl). Also, we have two layered pearls and gold plated stainless steel necklaces with different kinds of pearls so you won’t need to think about styling different jewelry.

  • Pearl necklace with golden hematite detail - GG Unique
  • Small pearl necklace with silver hematite heart
  • Trendy smile and pearl necklace - GG UNIQUE
  • Small pearl necklace with a silver heart
  • Large pearl necklace with hematite stones - GG UNIQUE

This simple freshwater pearl and little detail necklace design are one of your favorite. You can choose from different details, sizes, and colors. Moreover, they look great when styled with other necklaces and it is so easy to do that. This is a great gift for women who like classic jewelry, but with a little detail of uniqueness.


  • Vintage freshwater pearl earrings in gold - GG UNIQUE
  • Round gold plated earrings with natural keshi pearls - GG Unique
  • Round gold plated earrings with natural freshwater pearls
  • Mini golden hoop earrings with fresh-water pearls - GG Unique
  • White pearl ear cuff - GG UNIQUE
  • Classic pearl earrings - GG UNIQUE
  • Round gold plate earrings with pearls - GG UNIQUE
  • Massive trendy freshwater pearl earrings in gold - GG UNIQUE
  • Minimal fresh-water pearls hanging earrings - GG UNIQUE
  • Gold plated shell and freshwater pearl earrings - GG UNIQUE
  • Trendy massive chain and freshwater pearl earrings GG UNIQUE
  • Mini golden hoop earrings with fresh-water pearls - GG UNIQUE

Secondly, various types of pearls and their designs earrings can become your everyday companions. Different sizes, shapes, and color pearls can create a unique and outstanding look. These pearl earrings will become one of your most loved ones and you will never want to take them off.


  • Colorful small pearl and howlite stone bracelet - GG UNIQUE
  • Delicate small pearl bracelet - GG UNIQUE
  • Freshwater pearls bracelet with gold plating - GG UNIQUE
  • Fresh water pearl and stainless steel bracelet - GG UNIQUE

Thirdly, these few beautiful pearl bracelet designs can complete your whole jewelry set. There are some half pearl – half stone bracelets to match the same design necklaces. Also, you can find more delicate and simple only freshwater pearls and gold-plated stainless steel designs. These pearl bracelets look great with other minimalistic jewelry and can be a great gift for women who loves pearl.

In conclusion, as you can see, there are many different pearl jewelry designs to choose from classic to trendy and everyone will find what they are looking for. Therefore, pearl jewelry for women is a great gift for any occasion and if you want to make a special order, just contact us!

You can find our all pearl jewelry assortment here and share your new piece of jewelry with us by tagging @ggunique_ on Instagram.

With love,

GG Unique

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