Valentine’s day gift guide for women 2022

Nowadays, Valentine’s Day is often described as a commercial holiday, but let’s just remember that if it comes from the heart it is a very special date.

February 14th is claimed to be the most romantic day (or evening) of the year when everyone is filled with love and romance. However, it is a great opportunity to show your special one real feelings for them or even make a remarkable move. For us, this day represents unconditional love not only for this one special person – your other half but also for all the people around you. Valentine’s Day reminds us that there are so many ways to show them how much we love these people. So we decided to prepare a special Valentine’s Day gift guide for women.


Inspired by all the love that we have in our hearts, GG Unique created this special limited-edition jewelry collection called “Love Story”. It contains several types of jewelry: minimal earrings, minimal necklaces, pearl necklaces, and earrings with zircon stone.

What is the most associated color with Valentine’s Day? Everyone would agree that it is red – a love color. So how can we not make something with a little touch of this symbolic love day color?

We are adding these beautiful red zirconium earrings with a heart pendant of the limited edition “Love Story” collection to our Valentine’s Day gift guide. We made two different size earrings to choose from: smaller ones are for those, who love simplicity and subtlety, and bigger ones – are for those who love to stand out and make a statement. Both earrings look stunning and are made of very good quality materials – red zircon stones and gold-plated stainless steel. Perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Other GG Unique jewelry with zircon stone can be found here.

Pearl jewelry and accessories are very trendy right now. What is more important, is that they basically never go out of style. You can wear pearls now and you can wear them in 10 or 50 years, pearls will be pearls – classy, stylish, and rich. According to that, we created these beautiful and timeless pearl and heart necklaces that look stunning. These pearl necklaces can be worn together with chains or minimal-style necklaces. You can choose between a pearl necklace with a heart pendant or a small pearl necklace with a hematite heart. Also, there are two variations of both necklaces: gold and silver.

Minimalism is a very common and popular style concept that is always popular. According to this, we created these super minimal, small, and cute earrings for our Valentine’s Day collection. Minimal heart stud earrings are a great gift for women, who love the minimal touch of jewelry in their style. Moreover, you can choose between two colors: gold and rose gold. These minimal heart earrings are made of gold/rose gold-plated stainless steel and because of that, they are non-allergenic and not gonna tarnish or change their color. You can call them earrings for a lifetime.

Another great gift idea for Valentine’s Day is these heart stud earrings with hanging chains. With more details, but still, minimal-looking earrings that can be worn every day. Choose from silver or gold color studs that will enrich your style. Style them with various chain necklaces or other minimal earrings.

Matching minimal necklaces is a necessity! A very simple still unique and beautiful minimal heart necklace can make you stand out. Made out of stainless steel and plated with gold, rose gold, or silver necklace will serve you for many years. Choose the color to match the earrings or make a set of two different colors of jewelry (mixing different colors of metals is very popular right now). It is up to your imagination. One of these minimal chain necklaces with a heart pendant is a great Valentine’s Day gift for her.

This is it, there is our Valentine’s Day gift guide for women. We hope that you will find a perfect gift for your special person and make her day magical. Spread love to others and don’t forget to share your new piece of GG Unique jewelry on social media by tagging @ggunique_ on Instagram.

Have an amazing Valentine’s Day!

With love,

GG Unique

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