The new 925 Silver jewelry collection

This is what we all have been waiting for for so long. Let us present to you – our new 925 Silver jewelry collection. Beautiful, minimalistic and subtle – just how our clients like it. So take a closer look at all new pieces of jewelry and find your new favorites!

Minimal silver heart necklace
Subtle necklace with beautiful tiny heart detail

925 Silver triangle earrings
Minimalistic triangle shape two sizes earrings


Our clients’ favorite is one of the most popular and never getting old – minimalistic style. This style of jewelry can be easily combined in everyday or formal attire. So because of that, we created minimalistic 925 silver stud earrings which can be a great style accent. Moreover, you can choose between various shapes and sizes – from tiny triangles and bubbles to stars, hearts, or even earrings with Swarovski crystals. Just find the one or maybe two that you like the most!


There are two words that can describe our products – minimalistic and delicate. So if we gonna talk about our newest 925 Silver jewelry Collection necklaces we gonna use both of them. First of all, these necklaces contain a simple 925 silver chain, which is very lightweight and pleasant to the skin. Second of all, each of all three necklaces has a very minimalistic detail – a tiny heart, gold-plated star, or freshwater pearl, which is a beautiful accent to your jewelry collection. And lastly, it’s time to choose the necklace you like most and which will become your new everyday companion.


If you are the one, who cannot pass through the rings in a jewelry store without buying them, hear us out. We came up with a solution! After a long creative process, we decided to make these beautiful, super lightweight and minimalistic rings, that will cure you of buying a new one once a week. You will love them so much that you will no longer want the other rings. However, you can choose between two adjustable size rings with bubble details and one thicker ring. All of them are easy to match with the ones you already have.


Hoops – the classic style earrings that are relevant all the time. So in our new collection, you can find four different sizes of 925 Silver hoop earrings and match them however you like with your own earrings. They also look beautiful styled together – bigger and smaller hoops for example. Just pick your favorite and start your styling journey!


That’s it. You have just met our 925 Silver Collection. We believe that this new jewelry line will make you fall in love with it and help to find your new favorite silver earrings, silver necklaces or silver rings.

Create a unique composition of this collection’s jewelry and share it on social media using #myuniquestyle and tag @ggunique_ to be featured in our feed!

With love,

GG Unique


925 Silver Collection

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