At GG UNIQUE we are trying to make jewelry as timeless and long lasting as possible, therefore only the best material and linking parts are used. Of course we understand, that when our designed piece of jewelry is worn frequently or has time on it, some care is needed. Do not worry, the care is minimal as most of our jewelry! Please read bellow for some tips and tricks, how to take care of your jewelry.

Storing jewelry

Best way to store your jewelry is separately. We suggest this in order to avoid unwanted scratches and marks on your earrings, necklaces or bracelets. What is more, most of our jewelry contains stainless steel chains that tend to knot, when more than one item are kept together. So an option would be to keep the jewelry in our original packaging.

Keeping the color and shining

Every piece of jewelry that is made at GG UNIQUE is treated with an anti-tarnish coating that helps to prevent tarnishing and preserve the original layout and color of the item. Although every necklace, bracelet, earring etc. is coated with an anti-tarnish coating, over time it still can and probably will tarnish. This is due to the natural process of metal jewelry, when it is exposed to the open air. Tarnishing can also be accelerated, when jewelry is affected by chemicals or environments, for example: water, salt water, silver polish, perfume, perspiration and other. Therefore we at GG UNIQUE recommend not to wear our jewelry when going to a shower or for a swim, also in the gym, where sweat can damage the item. Also it is recommended not to wear jewelry when you are sleeping or participating in physical activity.

Cleaning your jewelry

From the beginning it should be noted that cleaning silver and gold color jewelry should be done differently, because gold plating might lose its color quicker, therefore additional care when cleaning should be applied. What we offer to use special jewelry cleaning agents and a soft tooth brush. For silver color jewelry a silver cleaning cloth can be used in order to clean the item and to get the shining back.

Other details

Although we are trying to make timeless pieces we cannot guarantee that gold or silver plated jewelry will last forever. The time at which plating might fade away depends on lots of factors (exposure to chemicals, perspiration, perfumes etc.) for this reason, taking good care of your GG UNIQUE jewelry is vital to have the items in perfect conditions all the time.

With love,

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