GG UNIQUE jewelry was mentioned in L’Officiel

If you have accidentally missed this piece of information, we just want to share this happy story with you. L’Officiel Lithuania has posted three of our items on their social media spread.

L’Officiel Lithuania introduced our items

Firstly, we are very grateful to be noticed and posted by L’Officiel, this gave us a big push forward to keep on working and creating beautiful jewelry, that is not only trendy, but a timeless and fashionable piece.

As quoted on L’Officiel post, “Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it/Marc Jacobs/”. We could not agree more with this statement.

So what was shared:

  1. Our classy and yet minimal earrings with fresh-water pearls

2. Trendy stainless steel chain necklace

3. Pearl set that includes stainless steel earrings with pearls and a matching fresh-water pearl necklace.

Our inspiration to make jewelry

One of the most inspiring Lithuanian stylist Irina Cybina is not also and inspiration for us but also a person, who frequently wears GG UNIQUE made jewelry. As you probably know, 2020 is the year of big, masculine and a bit harsh chains with large pearls. So if you want to follow the wave of trend and you trust on of the best stylist in Lithuania, you cannot make a mistake if you choose our necklace with large trendy chain with white or grey pearl mass.

Irina Cybina - white pearl mass necklace - GG UNIQUE
Irina Cybina – white pearl mass necklace – GG UNIQUE

So once again thank you L’Officiel for posting about us, and we will try our best to inform about any upcoming big news in our blog posts.

With love,