• Minimal gold-plated heart earringsMinimal gold-plated heart earrings

    Minimal gold-plated silver heart earrings

    Sale! 31.00 26.35
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  • Moonstone necklace with gold-plated pendantMoonstone necklace with gold-plated pendant

    Moonstone necklace with gold-plated pendant

    Sale! 46.00 39.10
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  • Amazonite stone necklaceAmazonite stone necklace

    Amazonite stone necklace

    Sale! 40.00 34.00
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  • 925 silver bubble earringsSilver bubble earrings

    925 silver bubble earrings

    Sale! 30.00 25.50
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  • Unique round form silver earringsUnique round form silver earrings

    Unique round form silver earrings

    Sale! 50.00 42.50 Out of Stock
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  • Thick silver hoop earringsThick silver hoop earrings

    Thick silver hoop earrings

    Sale! 40.00 34.00 Out of Stock
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  • Gold-plated bubble earringsGold-plated silver bubble stud earrings

    Gold-plated bubble earrings (three different sizes)

    Sale! 12.00
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  • Chain necklace with black pendantChain necklace with black pendant

    Gold-plated chain necklace with black pendant

    Sale! 35.00 29.75 Out of Stock
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  • Minimal silver hanging cross earringsMinimal silver hanging cross earrings

    Minimal silver hanging cross earrings

    Sale! 29.00 24.65 Out of Stock
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  • Minimal silver cross earringsMinimal silver cross earrings

    Minimal silver cross earrings

    Sale! 26.00 22.10
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  • Minimal silver drop earringsMinimal silver drop earrings

    Minimal silver drop earrings

    Sale! 28.00 23.80
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  • Small silver square earringsSilver mini square earrings

    Small silver square earrings

    Sale! 21.00 17.85
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